Code of Conduct:

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Full Link to Code of Conduct

My Profile:

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  • Professionalism: being mature in your quality, character and conduct. Acting as a professional Team: holding yourself to the highest standard, promoting yourself in a mature way, being serious

  • Code of Conduct: Following the rules and regulations of your facility and being ethical Team: Code and Rules of how people guide themselves

  • Obligations: Fulfilling the needs and wants of your clients, community, coworkers, and societal needs Team: Expectations

  • Internal Personal Professionalism: Caring Team: Self respect/ Being Honest External Personal Professionalism: Completing All Tasks Team: Demonstrating integrity

  • Internal Professional Professionalism: Respecting Coworkers                            External Professional Professionalism: Listening and Responding to clients and coworkers

  • Lead By Example: Meetings and Organizational Culture Team: Showing up to work on time and following rules and regulations

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    Full Link to Code of Ethics


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