relationship-building-stockxpertcom_id30293971_jpg_40fcefc886e29f4e61d7a75a8f49ae72Team Plan on Team Building:

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Team Plan on Team Building:

Multiple factors related to team formation that contributed to poor performance were:

  • Invited team members through e-vite, didn’t make it personable, or give immense details regarding the team formation
  • Poor expertise for the team
  • Need a specific purpose and task for the overall team and individual members that weren’t mentioned
  • Too vague in the e-vite, gave too little information
  • Didn’t obtain the interest of the team members, lack of effort in forming the team
  • Didn’t follow up after sending an invitation
  • Need a distinct reason the team was created (Problem-Solving, Self Managed, Cross Functional, Virtual, Executive Leadership)

Advice for Jeff:

  • He needs to be more personable with the team members to allow the team feel included and important in the team process
  • Consult more team members about the time that the meetings were held
  • Could send a follow up email the day of the meeting to re-inform the team members of the meeting and times
  • Encourage the team members to create ideas to bring to the first meeting
  • Make meetings mandatory and include facts that will create interest
  • Add more description about what the meeting entails
  • Analyze the team member selection
  • Reward the team
  • Create a better system of reaching out to the team members and establishing a credibility

Steps for Team Engagement:

  • Before the meeting meets: create a list of goals for the team
  • Create a sense of importance for each individual member so they feel involved and motivated to engage within the meetings
  • Team building exercises
  • Add incentives before hand to show how the group goals will affect the satisfaction of patients, quality of the hospital, and their individual duties and tasks
  • Have an option for team members that couldn’t meet at the distinguished time
  • Discuss with the team members about the times and days that work best for them in order to get the participation up for the meetings as well as making sure every individual is able to participate

Maturing towards the Performing Stage:

  • A very detailed description of the goals and tasks for the overall group that is discussed with the whole team
  • A very detailed description of the roles and activities of each individual team member that is discussed with the whole team as well as the team members
  • Create a Team Charter
  • Jeff consistently follows up with each individual group member in order to assess the progress and concerns with the team member as well as maintain a relationship
  • Introduce every member in the group in the beginning of the meeting in order to start building a relationship
  • Create an action plan
  • Have constant discussion on the agreements and disagreements regarding the goals and action plans of the team
  • Avoid a “group think” where the team members agree and don’t move forward


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