Skill Talent CrosswordQuestions and Answers:

  • What are my standout strengths? (Very few others are as good as I am.)
    1. Jessica – Works efficiently, finishes work with good quality and clearness can easily multi task if needed to effectively managea a variety of tasks and projects simultaneously
    2. Susaan – Time Management, always has tasks done well before hand and is never late to make an appointment or deadline
    3. Carter – Goal oriented, can be too hard on herself if she doesn’t succeed in every goal but shoots for the best and isn’t satisfied until she is there
    4. Dina – Confident, in herself and work
    5. Gayle – Leadership, can take control of any situation and others look to her as a role model and take her command. She’s friendly and personable and can motivate individuals. Has no issue taking control
  • What are my moderate strengths? (I’m good – so are many others.)
    1. Jessica – Quick thinker, able to think on your feet and come up with unique ideas and efficient ideas in a quick manner
    2. Susaan – Business minded, think how decisions in advance will affect the business in the future, and make sure to do research before making an impacting decision
    3. Carter – Listening, listens to all issues and opinions before making a final decision, tries to please most people
    4. Dina – Determined to be the best manager, coworker, and person she can be. Determined to reach her goals.
    5. Gayle – Team Oriented
  • How would people describe me?
    1. Jessica – Dependable
    2. Susaan – Outgoing and Personable
    3. Carter – Organized
    4. Dina – Honest and Respectful
    5. Gayle – Creative, Good listener
  • What are my overdone strengths? (Things I’m good at, but not interested in using – I’m going to burnout if I keep focusing on these.)
    1. Jessica – Math (Finance, Accounting)
    2. Susaan – Computer Skills (Typist)
    3. Carter – Conduct research
  • What are two skills I should strengthen? How would it help me, given what I want to do?
    1. Jessica – Opinionated, You are opinionated in some aspects and it is hard for you to ignore my opinion and not state it or discuss it with other coworkers
    2. Susaan – Communication Skills, effectively communicate even if frustrated or upset in a professional manner
    3. Carter – Stress management
    4. Dina – Budgeting, may come with age but needs to better budget funds and finances especially if they are on a large scale

Talent Inquiry:

Natural Talents:

  • Designing
  • Crafting
  • Thinking
  • Organizing
  • Working Under Pressure
  • Dealing well with Deadlines
  • Thinking
  • Planning
  • Public Speaking
  • Self Management
  • Networking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Cooking
Talents That I Don’t Have:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Building
  • Polyglot
  • Patience
  • Test Taking
  • Stress Management
  • Outside Nature Work
  • Street Smarts

I wanted to get my answers from a wide variety of people in order to have an efficient 360 analysis. I asked Jessica Smith and Carter Crawford who are both my peers in the Healthcare Management major. I also asked Dina Khentigan and Gayle Keating who I have done Volunteer and work for. I also asked Susaan Herin my mother who I also worked for. They all gave me good answers that I can easily learn more about myself from.

For my standout strengths I received that I work efficiently. I finish my work with good quality and clearness. I can also multitask if needed to effectively manage a variety of tasks and projects simultaneously. During my time working as an administrative assistant, I was consistently multitasking whether it was sending an email while on the phone with a customer or coworker, or having two different projects going on at the same time. I also received the answer that I have very good time management. I have never missed a deadline or assignment all throughout my academic career. My family, peers, and employers also know me to be fifteen minutes early rather than fifteen minutes late. I always have tasks done well before hand and am never late to make an appointment or deadline. Carter Crawford said I was goal oriented. I have plenty of short-term goals that are set for me including the GRE and grad school. I have done everything in my power to achieve these goals and do them successfully. Dina Khentigan said I was confident in my work and myself. Lastly, Gayle said my standout strength was leadership. I can take control of any situation and others look to me as role model and take my command. I was a leader within a previous job at Texas Roadhouse. I was quickly promoted to a team trainer and coordinator. Within these positions I had to train new employees, coordinate twenty plus hostesses, and make sure they know what their tasks and duties were and how to fulfill them. I left with a great sense of leadership, and was complimented frequently on how well I managed my team. When asked what my moderate strengths were I received the responses of quick thinker, business minded, listening, determined to be the best manager, coworker, and person, and she is team oriented.

When asked what adjectives came to mind when they thought of me to describe me I received the answers dependable, outgoing, personable, organized, honest, respectful, creative, and a good listener. I was satisfied with these adjectives and qualities. While at Texas Roadhouse I was always there for my hostess team. I enjoyed listening to their concerns and issues and working on improvements. I was exceptionally organized and had their schedules, requested time offs, and the days that they couldn’t work set up within an excel sheet therefore I hardly ever made mistakes when scheduling. I was respectful towards my employers, coworkers, and team. I didn’t talk down to them and considered myself an equal with my teammates. I want to continue to maintain this way in my leadership positions in the future. I want my teammates and employers to find me to be dependable, honest, and organized so they can trust me in the work that I do.

As far as my overdone strengths, I only received three responses. I received math, computer skills, and conducting research. All of which I have excelled in academically and in the professional field but have no interest in continuing. Some aspects of finance, accounting, computer skills such as typist or IT, and research are going to be a part of my everyday life but I would not enjoy them being my every day job.

My weaknesses also varied. Jessica Smith said I was opinionated in some aspects and sometimes it’s hard for me to ignore my opinion and not state it or discuss it with other coworkers. Susaan Herin said my communication skills, sometimes when I’m frustrated or upset I don’t successfully communicate with my coworkers or peers causing more frustration for the whole situation. For example, if I’m working in a group setting and a member tends to be absent, rather than speaking up and expressing my concerns in a polite and professional matter, I keep all my frustrations end leading to a poor relationship with that individual and lack of respect. If I spoke with that individual, I might better understand why they had a great deal of absence along with better communication. Carter and Gayle said stress management. I tend to easily get stressed in situations and it affects my coworkers and my work. Dina said budgeting. It may come with age but needs to better budget my funds and finances especially if they are on a larger scale. For example, my family and friends joke around that money burns a hole in my pocket, I will be the first one at a store buying a new shirt that I don’t necessarily need.

All of these weaknesses I agree with. I do need to realize when my opinion needs and doesn’t need to be stated, it can impact the situation negatively if it gives off the wrong impression or is expressed at the wrong time. Realizing when my opinion is necessary will allow for better communication and could be less hostility in the work place. Also with my communication, I need to start expressing my concerns in a polite manner rather than holding it in and ending up becoming frustrated with situation, the coworkers, and myself. This will better my work and communication with the individuals I work with. Stress management has been something I have been trying to work on for a while now. I do get stressed easily and that can affect my work ethic. If I can be better at delegation and not getting so worked up for situations that are out of my control it can better a lot of aspects of my life, including the way I fulfill my leadership positions. I believe budgeting will come with age; right now I don’t have to deal with finances and budgets on a large scale. I believe when I get to that point in my leadership position I will adjust accordingly and ask questions as they come.

This task has led me to better understand my personal talents, strengths, and weaknesses. It was beneficial in determining what I need to work on to better my leadership plans before I actually become a large-scale leader. I was also comforted knowing that my skills and strengths were recognized and shown throughout my work ethic and relationships.


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